TasteBuds Personal Chef Service Weekend Meals

Chef-Prepared Weekend Meals in Camp Hill, Carlisle, and Mechancisburg

Weekend Meals Menu

Busy weekend planned? Our clients requested meals specially designed for their busy weekends… so we deliver!

curated menu, weekend meals

Treat yourself to delicious , chef-prepared,weekend meals from TasteBuds Personal Chef Service. Enjoy the specially curated menu and choose from your favorite seasonal meals. Feel free to choose one meal or all three! Enjoy a weekend of great flavors with TasteBuds Personal Chef Service!

chef-prepared, seasonal meals

These customized meals are delivered to your door Friday afternoon - ready to help you manage your activities but still eat well over the weekend! They offer a great alternative to dining out so you can relax with family, entertain friends, or help manage busy weekend activities!

family style servings, customized

Individual servings OR family style servings available for the weekend menu. We will gladly customize meals based on your dietary preferences.

great flavors,we deliver

Pricing: Family style meal (serves 4): $155/meal plus tax

Individual entrees: $40/meal plus tax

$100 minimum order required. There is a $10 delivery fee.

Tastebuds Personal Chef Service
curated menu
weekend menu

Relax with family. Entertain your friends. Simplify your weekend.

entertain friends

Eat. Relax. Simplify.

Eat. Relax. Simplify.